Vision three: Economy and employment

almost 2 years ago
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The Kingscliff Locality Plan aims to expand employment generating land uses by providing opportunity for larger employment generating developments such as a business park, health and/or university campus, commercial and retail uses, as well as a range of student, tourist and residential accommodation types to build upon the existing industry pillars of tourism, agriculture, health and local small business. 

What do you really like about this part of the plan?

What aspect of this part of the plan concerns you?
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  • rickdall almost 2 years ago
    Lets take the emphasis off tourism, it will destroy its own main attraction- all efforts made to capitalize on tourism will produce more development right in the middle of all that lovely beach front.
    We place high value on Kingscliff because it is relaxed, uncrowded and has large sections of undeveloped and natural coastline. This is unfortunately at odds with any plan made on the assumption of a growing population. Kingscliff itself doesn't need a plan that encourages more economic development. There are no shortage of people wanting to come and live here, and they will find ways to fund it. Its the business of local government to impose a reasonable framework of rules to ensure that their activities don't ruin the place.
    I see it as the job of a larger regional plan to allow or encourage more economic development activity in the surrounding areas, and the emphasis there should be on the inland. Forest and agricultural land needs careful protection and planning too, but there is generally more of it to go around and less pressure from real estate demand.
    So we all need to start thinking about less fickle ways to make a living - tourism is a limited pie, only so much to go around and quick to disappear when the weather turns.
  • Anne Ring almost 2 years ago
    What I like about this plan is the idea of more employment opportunities. But, please keep the employment opportunities realistic & in keeping with the current look & feel of Kingscliff, our village. I think many are attracted to live here, because it is not the Gold Coast. If they are of working age, then they are happy to drive out of town for that work. This is a coastal village, & inhabitants gravitate here for the quiet coastal lifestyle ... a naturally beautiful place where they can 'play' before or after work. Keep the local employment opportunities aimed at tourism & agriculture & fishing. Leave the University campus & hospital in larger commercial towns like Murwillumbah or Tweed Heads. Encourage 'value adding' in the tourism & primary industries that already exist here. Encourage more 'paddock-to-plate' type business ventures like those Tasmania has become famous for.
  • Mrsk almost 2 years ago
    Let's maintain farm areas, not building hospital on farmland. No to over development.
  • Kane almost 2 years ago
    It’s concerning to think that the town centre might be over developed and busy. We like the relaxed vibe and that everything is walking distance.
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    • Mihaela Soar almost 2 years ago
  • Mihaela Soar almost 2 years ago
    Business park will not create jobs. Try and attract tech companies like IT.
  • PaTin almost 2 years ago
    Resist the direction of the State 2036 Northern Rivers development plan which calls for more housing and business development in Kingscliff. I understand that Kingscliff is no longer a village according to population numbers but before long it will no longer be a town but a city. It should not be presumed that expansion is justified just because there are substantial potential green field development opportunities (primarily on flood prone land). Rather direct future population/business growth to slightly more inland areas like Kings Forest.
  • Budrick almost 2 years ago
    Interesting the plan takes where people work from a small survey rather than qualified facts, which is rather concerning. A lot more than thought, work on the Gold Coast and beyond than council seem to think. Liked the commitment to enhancing both educational and business opportunities for residents. Can we have the local Kingscliff library stay open longer (say all day Saturday and up to 9pm week days) to assist local residents with education and employment.