Enhance public open space along the foreshore.

6 months ago
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Example feedback from the 'Future of Chinderah' Community Conversations

"Improve lighting and walkways along Chinderah Bay Drive and Chinderah Road along the waterfront"

"More picnic tables and waterfront encouragement."

"Footpaths and foreshore. Continue the work done on the riverfront at Jennars Corner to the South. Increase usage of the foreshore past the pub, Cubby Bakehouse and Pontoon. More usable picnic areas (Cubby), Play areas. Make it usable."

"Foreshore development. Pro active family and entertainment areas along the river. Jettys, BBQs, Gardens, public toilets, open air cinema."

"Plant more trees on the river bank. Natives would be ideal."

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  • labeckerama 8 months ago
    Higher levy banks to help reduce the flooding of the past.
    More open areas for the community to use as what other people have been mentioning.
  • trevliza 10 months ago
    Majestic water fountain! The Chinderah Bay Drive frontage to the river has some very pleasant facilities and features that are well frequented and offer sublime views of the iconic Mt Warning to the south and good parking. A spectacular fountain with some variations and visible to traffic crossing the freeway bridge could be a signature attraction for Chinderah. Inexpensive to install, cheap to operate with solar battery power and an enduring feature for families and kids. People will love it, so maney well spent.