Which is your favourite Community Vision concept and why?

6 months ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Share your favourite Community Vision from the four provided and describe what you like about it and why you selected it.

Is it because of the picture? The way it is presented? The specific words in it?

Is there any way it could be improved?  

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  • Ian Rabbitts 7 months ago
    Vision 3 is my preferred vision statement.
  • Kay Bolton 7 months ago
    If we need a succinct Community concept vision 3 is my choice with the one addition 'Our community unites through active participation in environmental protection, conserving the hamlet character and keeping people safe in the water.'
    The photo is good and rather iconic of Fingal Head. I like the way the text is included within the frame of the photo.The statements are concise and present the basic community visions as I see it.
    Concept 3 could be improved with one additional phrase and not using yellow writing on blue.
  • Sam Meredith 7 months ago
    This question is difficult to answer as it is not clear to me how the Community Vision is designed to be used. Is it predominantly designed to be:
    1. an eye-catching visual together with a few key words which capture Fingal's unique qualities and then used for publicity and to adorn relevant documents and publications, including website/s?
    2. or an expression of the core underpinnings for future sustainable development of Fingal Head?
    If No1 above, then Concept One has visual impact but the balancing rocks would need to be changed to hexagonal basalt columns to represent the locality better, with perhaps the addition of the Aboriginal name for Fingal Head. Concept Three also has visual impact.
    If No. 2 above, Concept Four articulates well key aspects of Fingal Head, if the purpose is to have a 'one-page' description to accompany a visual. However in any verbal and visual articulation about Fingal Head is it vital to emphasise the need for continuing vigilance in regeneration, protection and maintenance of the forest, headland and beaches.
  • Kate McKenzie 7 months ago
    Hard to choose between 3 and 4, but I'm going for 3. Last sentence: We ask that they understand and respect that this incredible place is our home. I think we are asking visitors to respect Fingal Head for its intrinsic values AND it happens to be our home. So how about: We ask that they respect this incredible place and understand that it is our home.
  • Sue & Roger 7 months ago
    Is it because of the picture? No. Any picture of our peninsular is captivating.
    The way it is presented? I believe you have covered all the bases that need addressing.
    The specific words in it? The care and maintenance of our environment. and
    Is there any way it could be improved? More response from the community and the overall visitors that arrive at our doorstop. Have a questionnaire [waterproof] location to the beaches and headland for people to respond to their inner feeling and why they do enjoy this location or their disapproval and for you to seize on this information.