Concept 4 - Our Fingal Head

6 months ago
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Is the Vision statement accurate?

What else would you like to share about what you think or how you feel about this Community Vision?

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  • LarryW 7 months ago
    The Community Feedback & Vision Options document I believe provides an accurate assessment of the Fingal Community sentiment regarding the things we love, the things that could be better and about the future of Fingal Head.
    It goes without saying that we love Fingal Head as complex as it is, and we want to keep it the way which is summarised on page 11 of this document.

    To quote from this community feedback summary:

    “Overall, proximity to natural environments and the many and varied opportunities to feel part of the natural world that are available at Fingal Head is clearly important to and highly valued by the community.”

    “The presence, depth and importance of aboriginal cultural heritage and connection to country that is unique to Fingal Head was voiced strongly by not only the Aboriginal community, but the broader community alike. Recognition of the need to nurture continued respect and celebration of the cultural heritage of Fingal Head, from physical, social, historical and future perspectives, is therefore important to include in the Community Vision.”

    “The third theme of significance is the importance of the overall ‘idyllic’ lifestyle and feelings of relaxation, peace and separation from the hustle and bustle that living in or visiting Fingal Head give, whilst also offering the convenience of close proximity to urban areas and the higher order services they provide.”

    “The final theme of note is the strong acknowledgement of existing community spirit, and a desire for continued and enhanced community coherence and agreement. Coupled with this is a profound craving for respect and understanding from people who don’t live there to treat Fingal Head with respect in terms of the impact of their activities, such as free camping, littering, car parking and road safety.”

    Of the four Community Vision concepts, I believe a mix of Concept 3 - Fingal Head - Our Vision best portrays the community sentiment and Concept 4 “Fingal Head, Our vision and community values”, best portrays our shared community values into a single community statement.
    My suggestion is to combine Concept 3 and Concept 4 as follows:
    On page 1, the cover of the document use the graphic of the Fingal Headland and Cook Island as this identifies Fingal Head uniquely.
    Page 2, Our Vision use the Concept 3 Vision statement with either the existing graphic or a graphic promoting our aboriginal community and heritage
    Page 3, Community Values; keep the value statements however I agree with Kaye Bolton’s comments that the “What this could look like” appear as ‘action’ statements should require another level of community discussion to agree on and document as ‘community values’.
  • Kay Bolton 7 months ago
    The front page could have a better photo as although this is eye catching, simple and uncluttered it focuses only on the sea and is not specifically 'Fingal Head' The second page could be more interestingly presented
    I think all four vision statements identify the shared community vision not just this one.
    The introductory statement is accurate, very warm and fuzzy and probably outlines what the community would like but it needs to include the fact that the community is and always has been active in protecting Fingal Head's natural environment, hamlet character, history and culture. It also needs recognition of the significance of our Aboriginal heritage and culture.

    The second page has inaccuracies and omits significant aspects. Also I'm not sure how 'The value' is transformed into 'What this could look like and how this would be used'. Does that mean that 'the what this could look like' is an explanation of the value or alternatively how it is translated into action or both? I like the values but some need additional explanations and I have reservations about some of the 'what this could look like'.
    For example;
    'We value our natural environment' value statement should include significant flora and fauna habitat before '…. are protected, respected and enjoyed by all.' In the 'What this could look like' there is mention of riverbank restoration and stabilisation programs but does not mention other native vegetation regeneration and maintenance programs.
    'We value our relaxed lifestyle and village character - What this could look like' needs to mention limits on bulk and scale of buildings and footprint; retention and addition of native vegetation to maintain 'treed' character and fauna corridors.

    'We value respect from visitors' – examples of what we'd like our visitor's to do should include; not interfering with native vegetation, fauna or historical relics, not lighting fires, keeping dogs on lead,

    'We value our community' - In the What this could look like there is mention of residents association but this is only one of our community associations in Fingal Head eg. TBLALC, Fingal Rovers SLSC, Fingal Head Coastcare, Tweed valley Sailing Club., School P and C. Residents' associations could cover all these.
    Finally if length is not a deciding factor and detail is a preference this is good but there are omissions and inaccuracies in both 'the Community Values and What this could look like' so is not yet acceptable and needs more work.
  • Kate McKenzie 7 months ago
    Visitors should not light fires - should be included.
  • Kate McKenzie 7 months ago
    The statement, 'increased compliance for non-approved vegetation removal' is unclear. How about: Compliance with regulations limiting vegetation removal.

    Other environmental endeavours should be mentioned, such as: preservation of the Littoral Rainforest, protection of sand dunes and wetlands.
  • Sue & Roger 7 months ago
    Every time; Sue and I walk along the bush tracks and we listen to the cicadas or the ocean sound and smell the salt breeze, the smell of humus and the intensity of the humidity or rainfall. We see the usual Brush Turkey, monitors and flutter of birdlife with their never-ending chirps or songs. It’s all beautiful and natural occurring!
    Then there’s the headland…oh boy. Back washes clashing against the incoming wave, the thud that escalates with the culmination of a wall of water above the wave. The colour of the water which changes from jade to foam and vegetation and if your lucky enough to see stingrays and turtles below. People gobsmacked from our seasonal movement of whales and the current view of dolphins, skylarking if your lucky enough to be there in the waves. The sound of the ocean birds and viewing the movement of birdlife upon Cook Island. The walking along our gifted beaches and what a name we call ‘Dreamtime Beach’ [The Dreamtime is the sacred ‘time before time’ of the world’s creation.]
    Every day and night upon the peninsular of Fingal Head is always something different in nature, because nature itself and even us mortals contribute to the ever changes and dynamics. Our community is strong if we always respect the core values of the environment and being in harmony with what is our responsibility to ensure that Fingal Head is ‘special’.
  • John Colvin 8 months ago
    Concept 4 is my favourite because it is explicit about what the concepts mean.

    Possible Improvements:
    1. Encourage membership of all local community groups - residents association, surf life saving club, CoastCare and sailing club.

    2. Low front fences that people can see through and over

    In Fingal Head, lots of people walk from place to place and talk to each other as they pass in the street. This includes talking to people in their garden and saying hello to their pets. This regular contact with lots of people is intrinsic to our sense of community.

    This is possible because people have low fences at the street and have a front yard between the fence and the house. This improves security for houses because there is casual surveillance from the street. It is also safer for pedestrians because they aren't locked into "alley ways" with high solid fences on both sides. Alley ways are dangerous for pedestrians because they prevent escape from attackers and surveillance of the street by people in their houses.

  • Corrie 8 months ago
    I think the statement is strong. The image could be broadened by overlaying the sunset with aboriginal art.
  • CA 8 months ago
    I like this vision statement but it doesn't draw ones attention visually. Possibly replace the sunrise with an aboriginal art ( telling a story of the past). The statement is informative and detailed and has a community ownership. Reflects a positive and group feeling.