Concept 2 - Past Present Future

6 months ago
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What you might like to tell us

What do you think about the theme of ‘moving across the page through time’?

Is there enough information?

How would you improve on this Community Vision?

What else would you like to share about what you think or how you feel about this Community Vision?

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  • Kay Bolton 7 months ago
    The theme of moving across the page is effective and background image engaging.
    There is definitely not enough detail. Past is good especially referring to Aboriginal culture but should mention natural environment. Present – balancing old and new is too vague, adapting to new things is not an underpinning vision as too much 'new' changes the essential character of Fingal Head as it is valued now. Protecting our place should specify protecting natural environment and hamlet character. Future does not mention maintaining the hamlet character.
    This vision could be improved with more detail and emphasis on hamlet character.
    Finally this vision is unnecessarily brief and lacks the detail necessary to explain the community vision.
  • Kate McKenzie 7 months ago
    'Whats' should be 'what's' - as it is short for 'what is.'
  • Sue & Roger 7 months ago
    Our cultural heritage plays an important roll educating our schools that are wishing to participate in the path of the history of Fingal Head peninsular. Although the white population is exceptionally young in history, we have as a community learnt a great deal from our aboriginal community and elders, especially the grass roots of our community.
    The bedrock lies due to Mount Warning and the lava flow that created the geomorphology of our region and community which gives us pepped lakes, lagoons and wetlands, once braided watercourses and abundant river and coastal habitats.
    We are so lucky to be living here and hopefully all that view our locality will visualise this tranquillity that they share with us.
  • rbey 8 months ago
    Fingal should not be touched. It is one of the few places left on the Tweed still in its natural state and it should remain so.
  • CA 8 months ago
    This is a great vision statement informing people this wonderful place has a history/background that can be used to educate others. The statement indicated the community as a whole is adapting and learning ways to keep this environment special for the future. A coastal headland where future residents & visitors will continue to enjoy the natural beauty and an opportunity to build on educating people through others knowledge/stories, people like to hear about a place and its background. The only word in the statement that I feel could be left off is "Our" in the heading as I feel it indicates very strong ownership!
    Introducing some aboriginal art could also make the vision vibrant.