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Concept 3 - Vision Statement

3 months ago

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What do you like or dislike about Concept 3?

Does the text describe a future Fingal Head that you would be happy to live in? 

What else would you like to share about what you think or how you feel about this Community Vision?

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  • Ian Rabbitts 14 days ago
    This is my preferred vision statement but I would like to stress that housing designs should be sympathetic to the hamlet character and also the footprint of the buildings should only cover 60% of the block.
  • Mary Lou 15 days ago
    I like concept 3 the best except for the colour of the writing, which I find hard to read when it turns to yellow. I like the recognition of those that have come before us telling tales with this ancient landscape. I also like that reference is made to low scale buildings fitting our environment and desire to maintain a hamlet feel. I like that we welcome those that also appreciate the environment. The only addition I would add is to the last line after the word place. "We ask that that they understand and respect that this incredible place is our home and a treasure for us all to protect." I would add that because all have take care of this place.
  • Kay Bolton 15 days ago
    I really like concept 3. It includes enough succinct detail to cover most of the vision for the whole population including recognising the Aboriginal significance. I love the recognition of environment including vegetation. I think the mention of buildings low scale and sustainable designed is essential if the low key hamlet character is to be retained. The paragraph of community unites is good but should include community protection of our essential hamlet character (this referring to all campaigning past and current undertaken by our community. So could include something like' Our community unites through active participation in environmental protection, conserving the hamlet character and keeping people safe in the water.' Emphasising the welcoming of visitors who appreciate tranquillity etc. is good but add to 'respect that this incredible place is our home which we work to protect. environment.'Yes this does describe a future Fingal Head that I would be happy to live inThis succinct vision statement is my preference. Yellow on blue is very difficult to read for vision impaired.
  • Leisa 16 days ago
    This is my choice for our vision statement. Although i am concerned about yellow writing on blue background as its challenging to read for the visually impaired.I would also like to tweak a few sentencesWe celebrate and protect our natural environment could be;We celebrate and protect the diversity of natural environments and the last sentenceWe ask that the (visitors and new comers) respect and understand that living in harmony with the natural environment is what makes Fingal Head Special.
  • Richard@fingal 18 days ago
    I much prefer this as the Vision Statement. I think a Vision Statement should be relatively brief (and this meets this criteria) whilst at the same time setting out the core values of the Fingal Head Community as reflected in the report outcomes from the community engagement program to date. I think it is a fine statement as it is and have no suggested alterations or additions. Richard Roberts
  • Sue & Roger 26 days ago
    The wording above, "Fingal Head - our vision" is as close as you will get to how our community feels. I guess our greatest future invader is going to be 'social media' as a destination of "our vision".If the community can tolerate what could be perceived as an increase in tourist growth and if the shire council can align the needs of the community infrastructure to cope with the future demands, then "our vision" will live on.The last sentence; "Fingal Head - our vision" is all we ask for.