Concept 1 - A place of balance

6 months ago
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What you might like to tell us

Do you like the theme of ‘balance’, with community spirit being the foundation rock at the bottom and a healthy and resilient natural environment spreading the load of the other community values on each side?

Do you like the image?

Is your vision for the future of Fingal Head described clearly enough in this Community Vision?

What else would you like to share about what you think or how you feel about this Community Vision?

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  • Kay Bolton 7 months ago
    The theme of balance is a good concept. The community as a foundation rock is good; the environment as an essential factor is excellent. Resilient and adaptable too vague; Seaside hamlet charm is good - omit 'like no other place'; Visitor Respect and understanding too vague. Powerful cultural connections excellent and essential.
    The image is striking but does not allow for enough detailed text. If rocks are used the rocks needed to be the the iconic hexagonal rocks.
    The vision for the future is not described clearly enough as it doesn't give direction of how to maintain the current valued features – e.g. low key hamlet character, environment etc..
    Finally this does not have enough detail to be the basis the for future planning.
  • Sue & Roger 7 months ago
    Our place of balance sums up very well the aspirations of the community upon this incredible peninsular.
    However, with a jewel within our shire that has been caught up in so much social media is now on a precipice between "resilient and adaptable" and "Visitor respect & understanding".
    Those that live within this hamlet are spoilt beyond belief with so many noticeable cultural and shared values all in the name of our natural environment that surrounds us.