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Tweed Shire Council taking steps to keep community and staff safe

5 months ago

As the global situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, Tweed Shire Council is taking all necessary precautions to keep the community and staff safe.

Mayor of Tweed Katie Milne said Council was closely following advice from federal and state health authorities.

"To ensure that Council is prepared and able to respond quickly to the progress of the virus within the workplace and the local community, we have established a planning group with members from across the organisation, which first met on Monday," Councillor Milne said.

"Apart from measures to keep our staff safe, we have taken a number of steps to assist safety in the community."

These include:
  • Posters in public spaces to provide support and advice on hand washing as well as directions to relevant government websites for more information.
  • Additional soap in some high-traffic public toilet blocks.
  • A link to the NSW Health website from Council's website
  • Links for further information on the Emergency Dashboard
  • Advising the Tweed community of relevant updates on Coronavirus through media releases, social media, the Tweed Link and Council's website
  • Some Council-run events may be postponed. Search 'Tweed Shire Council' on Eventbrite for updates.
"We are also taking actions to focus on the health of our community when they visit our offices, including: additional cleaning with appropriate products at customer service counters; hand sanitisers at public entry points at our facilities; and advising members of the community where to find helpful information when they phone Council whether during the day or when contacting our after-hours service," she said.

Businesses, schools and aged care facilities who have concerns about what the Coronavirus means for them can find specific information and resources for each sector at
"One of the key recommendations from health officials is that people maintain good hygiene practices, with 20 to 30 seconds of warm soapy hand washing regularly. Self-isolate when unwell and if concerned, seek medical advice," Councillor Milne said.

"It's also a good idea to reconsider how we greet people, using others ways to say hello rather than shaking hands.
"Overall, the best advice we can give our local community is to stay up to date with information from credible health and government authorities."

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SOLARIT 4 months ago
With the restrictions for people becoming more and more severe and ruining many businesses I think there is a much better way:

Everybody in the public should wear a Protection Face Mask.

Research has shown that droplets from the mouth are traveling up to 8m. So the current social distancing rules will only be partly effective.

From a friend I received an email from a colleague in China, who describes this as a key to China's success in "flattening the curve".

"I think one action we are taken which is quite effective is asking people to wear masks in public places, seems stupid but it's working, even though nowadays the situation is getting better, we still required to wear it in office/metro/restaurant etc. I understand that maybe westerns have a different mindset against wearing masks but during this critical situation, I think it's better to be cautious. I was wondering whether masks are scarce resources in Australia, is it difficult to buy it? Because my friends in US are saying that it's quite difficult to buy. If you need some please let me know, I can send to you."

The argument that there are not enough masks available is overcome by people producing their own masks and also charities producing them and providing these to people in need.

Even the "WHO" is now reconsidering their advice on the effectiveness of face masks.

See also:

Stay save and healthy!
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