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Mayor launches Save Water Now education blitz

8 months ago

Tweed Mayor Cr Katie Milne today launched a massive education campaign to promote the message to Save Water Now by reminding residents that 'we're all in this together'.

Making her pitch to Christmas shoppers in person at Tweed City, Cr Milne urged everyone to get on board and make it a fun challenge to save as much water as possible.

"We are hoping on average everyone can save at least 50 litres of water per person per day," Cr Milne said.

"Fifty litres is only five normal household buckets. We would love you to save much more if you can."

Willow the Water Drop and Council officers assisted Cr Milne to hand out shower timers, mailbox and bumper stickers and a handy card about the level 2 water restrictions and how to save water in both the yard and the house.

"It's amazing how little water you can actually get by on," said Cr Milne. "Why not set up a competition between family members, friends or neighbours in your street to see who can save the most.

"We need everyone to pull together to reduce our use and save our limited supply.

"The dam is losing water much faster than predicted and significant rain is not predicted for months.

"Please forget about buying water using toys this year, but do spare a little for our thirsty wildlife by putting a small bowl of water in a strategic place in your garden."

The campaign will continue at Tweed City through to Sunday 15 December, before moving to The Pottsville Neighbourhood Centre and a street walk on Monday 16 December.

On Tuesday 17 December the Save Water Now campaign will be at the Kingscliff Shopping Village and on Wednesday 18 December at the Sunnyside Shopping Centre in Murwillumbah.

The campaign then returns to Tweed Heads on Thursday and Friday 19 and 20 December when it will set up at Tweed Mall, before returning to Tweed City on Saturday and Sunday 21 and 22 December.

Shoppers are urged to take the time to chat to the Save Water Now team about what they can do to save water.

For more information on level 2 water restrictions and ways to save water, see and

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Admin Commented Tweed Administrator 7 months ago
Hi @honey2, thanks for your question. A project reference group made up of community members and Councillors is currently reviewing Council’s water efficiency strategy. This includes taking a look at what future subsidies and rebates could be offered by Council for things like rainwater tanks. The group is due to make recommendations to Council in May so new water efficiency programs and rebates may follow by the end of the year.
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honey2 7 months ago
Byron Bay, Kyogle, Lismore, Tenterfield & many other areas in 5he Northern Rivers have made it possible for Shire residents to apply for water tank rebates so we can install rainwater tanks, to help save water. Is it possible for Tweed Shire to help all the people in at all rainwater tanks to their homes who are residents of the Tweed ? The last tank rebate was in 2011 & surely we need to help lower our dependence on Clarrie Hall Dam as up until two weeks ago we weren't sure if we would be able to supply water to homes & businesses in the Shire.
I'd love to purchase tanks for my home but recently found the prices have doubled in recent years. Can we please get some help to make our living areas more sustainable please. This would be such a benefit to people, domestic animals AND wildlife.
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Admin Commented Tweed Administrator 8 months ago
Hi Hans, thanks for your comment. Rainfall for the calendar year to 16 December 2019 was the lowest on record at just 655mm for Murwillumbah, compared to 1902 with 742mm since records commenced in 1881.

Clarrie Hall Dam is dropping by nearly 2% a week, much faster than expected.
We’ve had very few spring storms and the Bureau of Meteorology predicts below average rainfall for the remainder of 2019 and early 2020 for the Northern Rivers region. On current data, with no significant rainfall we estimate the Tweed will run out of water in September 2020.

Council has decided to introduce Level 2 Water Restrictions first up because the Clarrie Hall Dam supply is falling more rapidly than first expected, at 1.8 per cent a week as opposed to the initial estimate of 1 per cent a week.

Also, based on the average daily water use per person of 193 litres as at 1 December, each person would be asked to find 40 litres of savings a day under Level 1 restrictions and 50 litres of savings a day under Level 2 restrictions. Council decided that the savings required under Level 2 restrictions would be attainable and would deliver the greatest benefit to making our supplies last.

Council is working on a number of projects to secure the long-term water supply for the Tweed, including:
- raising the wall of Clarrie Hall Dam to treble its capacity
- protect the Tweed District Water Supply from tidal inundation at Bray Park Weir
- construct a small pipeline to link the Tweed supply to the City of Gold Coast supply.
Council also is reviewing all the work it has done in water augmentation, demand management and drought management to see if any other initiatives or technologies can deliver water savings.

You can read more about the water restrictions at
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HansGruber 8 months ago
Yet another water management issue blamed on a drought which is linked to the fires and naturally climate change, except in this case the dam is at 79% and the demographics have been known by Council for decades. Moreover, it does control the town planning process. Yet another predictable outcome in "silly season" which reminds me of the Mayor of Venice blaming climate change for the rising tide when the sea level has risen 20 cm each 100 years for the last 300 years so why is it it unusual now? More science, not sure if it is political science or science fiction. How about the TSC stop the scare campaign and fix a situation that is well within its control rather than playing the green card.
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