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Wilderness Beach

by LouBear,

My favourite Tweed view is of a scene taken from Hastings Point Headland looking south toward Pottsville Beach. Though locals are very aware of this beauty spot, tourists often drive past the turn off and never even realize what they have missed! This is one of my favourites because it is easily accessible by car so is the perfect place for elderly and people with disability who are not able to walk distances or stairs to access such a scene of such spectacular quality. This spot offers panoramic views in just about every direction. It's a perfect place to watch a sunrise, to see whale and dolphins or to relax to the sound of the crashing surf. What is most wonderful about this view is that it is a view of wild coastline! What I mean is looking to the south as shown in this photo, there is not a building or house to be seen! What I see when I go there, is how the coastline would have looked when Captain Cook sailed past!

Also, the beach shown in the photo is one along which I love to stroll, for the very reason I specified above; to feel the joy of strolling along what feels like a wilderness beach.

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