How were the most suitable locations determined?

    The below selection criteria was used to determine the most suitable locations for the outdoor fitness equipment.

    Is the site large enough to accommodate outdoor fitness equipment?
    Is the site accessible? Is the site located next to a footpath?
    Are there public toilets within reasonable distance?
    Does the site have additional supporting amenities or activities such as walking or shared-user paths, drinking water, a playground etc.?
    Is the site shaded or is there potential for additional tree planting, if required?
    Does the area immediately surrounding it have high levels of community use?
    Is the site visible from nearby roads?
    Is the site accessible by public transport?
    Is vehicle parking within a reasonable distance?
    Is the site safe and free of vandalism?
    Does the site allow for passive surveillance?Are there other plans to enhance or develop the space? 

    What is the grant funding available to install the outdoor fitness equipment?

    Thanks to a $300,000 grant received from NSW Government, Council will install outdoor fitness equipment in five new locations across the Tweed Shire. The infrastructure grant is designed to improve the lives of communities across the state. 

    What type of equipment is Council considering for the outdoor fitness stations?

    We aim to select equipment which caters to a range of ages and fitness levels. Council is considering a combination of both static and dynamic equipment at its outdoor fitness stations.  Static equipment refers to equipment that has no moving parts where the user performs weight-bearing exercises and other functional movements (such as chin ups, step ups and sit ups). Dynamic equipment refers to equipment that has moving parts offering opportunities for a cardio and resistance workout. The outdoor fitness stations will include instructions for use and Council will partner with Northern NSW Local Health District to deliver ‘Come and Try’ sessions to help local residents learn to use the equipment safely.