Vision two: Town centre

almost 2 years ago
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The Kingscliff Locality Plan will provide opportunities for the growth of the town centre core as a sub-regional retail centre fulfilling a diverse range of retail, commercial, cultural, recreation, health and accommodation uses with a focus on improving the connectivity, streetscape and pedestrian amenity whilst effectively managing traffic and car parking. 

What do you really like about this part of the plan?

What aspect of this part of the plan concerns you?

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  • Elysium Activwear almost 2 years ago
    There needs to be a cross walk just before the roundabout on Seaview st. This would help the businesses along Marine Parade as it would encourage people to check out the other shops. It can become quite busy and very dangerous for children crossing the road.
  • kaggy almost 2 years ago
    Boomerang Street is very congested, especially during school dropoff/pickup times and it will only get busier after the new additions to the school are completed. Traffic has to weave in and out of parked cars all day. Emergency vehicles wouldn't have a hope of getting through during busy times. Boomerang street should be made one way or widened.
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    • KOReilly almost 2 years ago
      It will be difficult to widen it but making it one way is a great idea!
  • Anne Ring almost 2 years ago
    What I really like about this part of the plan is for more car parking spaces in the shopping centre. I like that pedestrian connectivity is to be enhanced between Marine Parade & Pearl St. Great that the heights along Marine Parade are to be reduced to 11 metres & that the coastal character should be reflected in future architecture. I also like that Turnock St is to be extended to connect with the Tweed Coast Road, and that where there is increased urban density, it will be complimented with green spaces.
    But, what I do not like is extent to which the lower lands on both sides Turnock St (towards the current library) are to be available for housing development. That green space, especially on the southern side is fragile, very low lying & should be kept in its current natural state ... the last flood waters inundated all this area. Where will this water go if that ribbon of land on both sides of Turnock St is built-up for R3 medium density housing? Where will all the current bird populations go that currently use the area south of Turnock St to roost overnight? Please reduce the extent of medium density housing ....especially in this area.
    What I also do not like is the idea of further concentrating visitors in this town centre by relocating both the library & a new community centre to this 'hub'. I see greater value in keeping the library where it is & maybe even adding a community centre there ... this gives people a reason to venture a little further afield ... instead of concentrating all car, bike & foot traffic in one main area.
  • Mrsk almost 2 years ago
    Maintain height restrictions. Maintain village feel.
  • Janette almost 2 years ago
    We need to make the marine pde restaurant zone a pedestrian only area and increase the car parking at the supermarket (3 level high rise) for visitors. It’s not far to walk to the bet from there.
  • Sal-Ann almost 2 years ago
    Gradation of building heights down towards the beachfront makes sense. It helps keep the village atmosphere we all love. However one anomaly remains unresolved. Unlike the rest of the town centre, land at the intersection of Seaview and Sutherland Streets (start of Kingscliff Hill), is significantly elevated, with an incline and retaining wall of between 4 and 7 metres at the rear of the existing shops/units. If future development on this prominent corner is permitted above 'natural' ground level, a further 13.6m (red, p13 of draft Locality Plan) could result in buildings in the order of 20 metres (or six storeys) high. Not only would this negate the intended 3-storey height objective but would result in a shadowed tunnel effect looking toward the beach down Seaview Street. Can this anomaly be addressed?
  • Jan&Des almost 2 years ago
    I believe that Marine Parade should be better sealed and upgraded as we have triathlons suffering this very poor road and pot holes when ever it rains. Also more pedestrian crossings from Marine Parade across Turnock Street and across the round about at Seaview Street. The Pearl Street and Turnock Streets need pedestrian crossings. Thought should be made to make Kingscliff a more pedestrian friendly town.
    Des Sly.
  • PaTin almost 2 years ago
    Shifting the focus of the town centre shopping away from Marine parade is good. A section of Marine Parade from the bowls club to the surf club should eventually become pedestrian access only. Remove all parked cars and open up this area so people can enjoy a coffee with sea breezes rather than car fumes and stationary vehicles.
  • Alice almost 2 years ago
    Reduction in height limit from current will only increase the footprint, reduce interest to upgrade from developer, and result in less green space. Allow 4 stories as per original concept plan.
  • Alice almost 2 years ago
    An updated shopping Center is required. Elderly people find parking frightening and there is no parking for mobility scooters. Underground parking would be great. 4 story building should be allowed to limit any additional footprint.
  • Budrick almost 2 years ago
    Keep heights as is. I would like to see increased room for mobility scooters for the elderly to cross the main roads and move around. Can we get free wifi in the town centre!
  • Popeye almost 2 years ago
    The growing district population deserves a modern shopping precinct. Council should encourage developers to update the existing shopping mall and to include more (including undercover) parking.
  • riverwatch almost 2 years ago
    with the growth of Kingscliff a fair bit of thought should go into parking
    even on a normal summer weekend there's not enough parking at the main beach if we are trying to keep people swimming between the flags
    add to that when the surf club has any major canivals and you have competitors not able to get there skis and boards close to the competition area not a good look
    also at the creek on summer days parking on both sides is at a premium once a gain familys taking everything but the kitchen sink for their day out need to be able to park as close as possible without wrecking the enviroment
  • Kane almost 2 years ago
    It’s important that we think about growing the economy and future job opportunities but we don’t want to overdevelop the town centre.