Vision one: Environment and heritage

over 1 year ago
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The Kingscliff Locality Plan will facilitate the protection of aboriginal and nonaboriginal cultural heritage and management of land identified as environmentally and/or ecologically important through appropriate land use zoning and provisions for ongoing fauna, habitat and heritage management. 

What do you really like about this part of the plan?

What aspect of this part of the plan concerns you?

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  • Kane over 1 year ago
    I really like that the plan is protecting the environmentally significant areas for future generations. Leave them untouched and natural.
  • Budrick over 1 year ago
    I really liked the detailed Koala plan that is included and protections along the creek. However there not a lot of detail with regard to the wild dog problem and getting rid of the stone fish (i.e. pests) in Cudgen Creek. Would have liked accessibility issues included for elderly and special needs visitors to access the creek and beach – handrail going into the water at the boat ramp for instance for ASD kids that can’t walk on sand to access the creek because of sensory issues or for the elderly. With respect to the current cemetery located in front of the Chinderah Golf Course, lets not forget that many of the gravestones there today are not the actual location of the graves but only the gravestones were transferred there. Many of the graves of blackbirding workers are located under what will be the Business & Knowledge precinct - many left unidentified. To show a respect for these workers, many who were of islander decent, a full investigation into possible unidentified burials and the re-internment of graves to Chinerdah cemetery should be carried out.
  • PK&BL over 1 year ago
    Our overriding concern is that whatever plan council has in place appears to mean nothing because the State govt can ignore it and change zonings and locality plans at will without consultation with council or community. Hospital is a case in point.
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    • Budrick over 1 year ago
      FYI The Hospital is a NSW State Significant Development (SSD) deemed to have NSW State significance due to the size, economic value or potential impacts that a development may have for a whole region. Of course State government can overturn council zoning for such SSD, it would be stupid if they couldn’t. Mind you I would hardly think the state government would be concerned about the majority of the Kingscliff locality plan as it is a council issue
  • Stephen Hegedus over 1 year ago
    I don't think the land either side of Turnock Street behind Woolworths should be developed. I think this land should be acquired by Council and left in a natural state for floodwater management purposes.
  • chinderah motel over 1 year ago
    I would like to see the State Government land better utilised in the entire area. The police ,ambulance,fire should all be relocated to less valuable land as well as the housing commission units on Cudgen Creek. Selling these units on the open market would free up enough funds to build multiple low cost accommodation facilities and address the housing shortage to some extent.
  • JudyScharf over 1 year ago
    The foreshore reserve along South Kingscliff beach appears to have little importance in the plans however it is very important to the people who live here and for tourism. This beach is one of the most beautiful in Australia and the world precisely because when you walk on the beach it is like you are in the middle of nowhere with no houses in view (perhaps the odd glimpse of a rooftop) yet people continue to damage the reserve without understanding the consequences or caring only for their own selfish objectives (views). It should be recognised that entering the reserve, setting up tables, benches, removing trees etc leads to destruction of vegetation and eventual erosion. The visual evidence of damage is clear from the beach. I would like to see the reserve addressed in more detail in the plans and measures put in place to remove items within the reserve. I would like nastier fines and responses for the residences responsible for the detruction of vegetation for the purpose of obtaining a view of the ocean. Perhaps there need to be some information boards about the impact of destruction in the reserve. Note that the reserve is also home to some wonderful wildlife. Rainbow bee eaters make burrows for their young and the reserve is a perfect location. Access to the beach should only be via the access points with the reserve being off limits. If someone wants shade or a chair, they should take it with them, set it up on the beach and take it away when they leave. The beach belongs to everyone, not just a few who place themselves above the rest.
  • Anne Ring over 1 year ago
    I like this part of the Plan for Kingscliff. We moved here from Brisbane upon retirement. We purposely by-passed the Gold Coast, as we wanted to be in an environment where our grandchild could visit & enjoy plenty of its natural beauty. It is vitally important that the area contains appropriately zoned lands of environmental & ecological significance ... so that such areas will be retained for future generations.