Vision Four: Housing

almost 2 years ago
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The Kingscliff Locality Plan will provide a planning framework which will deliver a diverse range of
housing types to appeal to a broad demographic and housing affordability profile with a strong focus on subtropical subdivision and housing design, connectivity between residential areas with tree lined streets and well located and embellished open spaces and public domain. 

What do you really like about this part of the plan?

What aspect of this part of the plan concerns you?

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Relates to Relates to document: Kingscliff Locality Plan Factsheet

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  • KOReilly almost 2 years ago
    There needs to be a mix of housing. Not just units and big houses but smaller 2 bedroom townhouses that encourage a backyaed with trees. Destroying leafy properties by building big unit blocks will change the ecology, not to mention contributing to climate change. Greenery helps to decrease urban temperatures but also helps to decrease stress, anger and crime....look it's well researched
  • Mrsk almost 2 years ago
    Maintain height restriction to 3 storey. Maintain wide tree lined streets. Maintain areas in between houses for public open spaces.
  • Mihaela Soar almost 2 years ago
    Keep the 3 storey high. Tourists come from all over because of the village feel.future developments at Kings Forrest, Casuarina Town centre and Pottsville would be enough to provide accommodation to people. We do not need 5 storey high.
  • PaTin almost 2 years ago
    Resist the direction of the State 2036 Northern Rivers development plan which calls for more housing development in Kingscliff. I understand that Kingscliff is no longer a village according to population numbers but before long it will no longer be a town but a city. It should not be presumed that expansion is justified just because there are substantial potential green field development opportunities (primarily on flood prone land). Rather direct future population/business growth to slightly more inland areas like Kings Forest.
  • Alice almost 2 years ago
    I liked the original plan that we viewed at the shopfront. Protecting the foreshore with 3 story height restrictions. However, allowing a maximum of 5 behind Woolworths. This catered for future growth. Lowering to 3 stories will mean more land needed to house people which means more urban sprawl. Keep the originally displayed plan.