Vision five: Open space and community

over 1 year ago
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The Kingscliff Locality Plan will build upon the network of open space areas including sports fields and courts, parks, civic open space, bushland, coastal foreshore areas, cycle and walking paths with a
strong focus on achieving a greater level of connectivity and user amenity. Integrate community facilities including a new library, community centre and community meeting rooms within the town centre. 

What do you really like about this part of the plan?

What aspect of this part of the plan concerns you?

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  • Kane over 1 year ago
    Our parks and open spaces are well used and loved by locals. More spaces like this would be supported as we grow.
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    • owenjo over 1 year ago
      a viewing platform is needed next to the surf club near the southern beach vehicle access path.
  • Budrick over 1 year ago
    I liked that the plan is open to a new skate park! Even though it notes “Opportunity to build an ocean pool along the north break wall.” Vol 1 page 96, Please develop the current “baby beach” in front of the tower instead to make it safer for families with young kids, with shade, water source and a small slight ramp so prams or wheelchairs can be wheeled onto the beach (without having to deal with wee in an ocean pool or the strong currents). Keep the beach sections currently dedicated to Off Leash dogs as such.
  • owenjo over 1 year ago
    as a beach user and surfer,i would suggest the council should replace the viewing platform that was adjacent to the surf club on the southern side beach access . it was washed away or dismantled a couple of years ago, it was well used and a popular place for locals and visitors to watch the surf and relax and enjoy the beauty of the surf and beach,a wooden or similar structure would be ideal with some seating and possibly a cover, shade or roof over it. Placed just in front of existing bushes,trees on the would be a valuable asset to the locality
  • PaTin over 1 year ago
    More open space and community facilities is good but be careful not to over develop the area such that it attracts thousands of tourists and day trippers. Keep the focus on providing for the needs of residents.
  • Mihaela Soar over 1 year ago
    Ocean pool would be awesome. And a skating park for kids.
  • Mrsk over 1 year ago
    Ocean pool would be great.Maintain dog leash only areas and patrol more often. Too many dog owners breaking rules. Love the new park development and surrounding area.
  • Anne Ring over 1 year ago
    What I like about this plan is the focus on connectivity & user amenity.What I do not like is the idea of concentration... too much in one locale might just reduce user amenity.When you mention cycle paths, please also remember that many cyclists like to ride faster, over longer distances and need to do this on local roads. Could some thought be given to how country roads in the local area could have well-maintained verges for such cyclists for their increased safety?
  • KOReilly over 1 year ago
    Like the open spaces. Would like to see more cycle paths separate from cars and pedestrians. Expand the current library where it is once the health centre moves to the new hospital (that's not at Cudgen by the way), encourage the natural bushland and incorporate boardwalks