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almost 2 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

What is important to you about the future of Kingscliff ?

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  • Kingy fan almost 2 years ago
    Thank you to all Council staff for hammering the uncaring State gov Health Dpt which is still pushing to plonk the 'biggest infrastructure ever built in the Tweed' (gov quote about the major referral hospital planned to serve the entire Tweed-Byron area with medical, educational & private precincts in the pipeline) only metres from a famous, nature-based, passive recreation, family-friendly beach. The site - even the entrance basically right up to where McPhail Ave meets Cudgen Rd - are insanely sited on the tiny triangular headland of Kingscliff Hill. It has ridiculous geographical constraints right next to the proposed hosp site with winding, hilly, narrow village streets and with beaches curving from from north to east and Cudgen Creek to the south. This will obviously hem in the hospital. This will cut off by half the 500m to 1km radius of usual traffic & parking approach to such a regional hospital and thus will strangle the area with gridlock. Unsure how the protected nature reserve will cope with the oil slicks that will flow down the farming paddocks they aim to rezone. As for inevitable development once the precedent protected farm is rezoned, there goes rare rain-soaked farmlands while the rest of the state is in drought - a travesty of gigantuan proportions. Please do keep telling the state gov to relocate to Kings Forest (sandy soil) or anywhere that is not on rich red, rain-soaked soil like the Redlands & Kuraby that got covered over in Brisbane.
  • Kingy fan almost 2 years ago
    Relocate the hospital. It is in an absurd location. The Kingscliff Locality Plan is fantastic work by the Council. It highlights what makes Kingscliff unique. It is a nature-based tourist attraction. Keep the 3 storey limit. Never, ever allow high-rises near the beach that would shadow the shore - what a ridiculous thing!
  • mfairweather almost 2 years ago
    I am concerned about the draft locality plan, particularly the plans to develop the rural space between Ozone St and Beach St. As a resident of Sand Street, Kingscliff I am very concerned about the increased traffic due to the connection of both Elrond and Sand Streets. Sand street is already a "short cut" for motorists and connecting the two street will only increase the traffic in our area.
    My second concern relates to the filling of the rural space in the aforementioned area. In the last flood the majority of the north end of Kingscliff, including most of Sand St, were affected, and filling this area will only increase the risk of flooding to the area. Those homes that had minor damage last time, will more than likely have much more substantial damage, whilst those that were lucky and just missed out will be affected in the future.
    Thirdly, the rezoning of the north end of Sand St, Shell St and Yao St to R3 - Medium density residential, will significantly impact the future of our area. The vast majority of residents currently living in the area are opposed to the rezoning and do no want to see potential large scale development of units in our area.
  • CSB215 almost 2 years ago
    We need at all costs to keep the unique village appeal of the Kingscliff beach area and no high rise buildings allowed to destroy the beauty that we all love. It is that natural village appeal that attracts tourism and income for the area. We don't want to become a 2nd Gold Coast with all the High Rise development that has spoiled the areas north of us.
  • KOReilly almost 2 years ago
    Kingscliff is unique in that it has retained it's village atmoshpere, it's ecology and it's clean natural beaches & creek. Other coastal towns have been destroyed by developer greed. Don't let this happen to Kingy!
    I don't think people realise the impact of having a large regional hospital on their doorstep...along with the helpicopter, ambulance station and private hospital that is bound to follow. Having a hospital so close to the beach will also encourage itinerant sleeping on the beach, not to mention the increase in drug and alcohol related incidents.
    I'm concerned about the lack of police in the region. There is no mention of a police station for Kingscliff yet already we have seen a sharp increase in hooligan behaviour, speeding and breaking and entering. The current police station is manned by Tweed police and is not 24/7. If we are increasing our population, then surely we should increase our essental emergency services as well
  • Lindsay & Phil Gleeson almost 2 years ago
    I am concerned about future reclaiming of land, especially the land off Ozone Street. We live near Ozone Street and were affected for the first time in over 30 years, with flooding during the last heavy rain event on the Tweed. Flood water filled the area off Ozone Street and spilled over into Ozone, Sand, Ocean and Surf Street. If this land, owned by Gales Holdings (I believe) and also land near the shopping centre is reclaimed in the future and developed, I'm not sure how existing developed estates will cope with future floods.
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    • Stephen Hegedus almost 2 years ago
      Yes, I think the land behind Woolworths and also on the other side of Turnock Street, as well as the area off Ozone Street, is important marsh land that plays a role in draining flood water and also improves the amenity of the town in having some undeveloped space. I think Council should consider purchasing this land if that is possible and holding it as reserve.
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      • Cate almost 2 years ago
        Hopefully Kingscliff will not see anymore massive mistakes like the sand hill at the back of Cudgen - what an eyesore! I remember when all the paperbarks were bulldozed and how it turned into a mozzie breeding haven with the next rain - then it was left for years and years and turned into a healthy wetland of frogs and birds etc (and still mass mozzies of course) - a most astonishing 'solution' has been created ... personally I don't think building a house on a lump of sand is a great idea - I really pity the people in the houses that back on to it - can't imagine how awful it's going to be when there are houses towering over them as well - wonder how much value has been knocked off their properties because it's certainly not in keeping with the general ambiance of this area - a very odd project and I hope it's the only one ever around here.
      • KOReilly almost 2 years ago
        There are some really nice designs for wetlands and reserves that could be incorporated into Turnock St and surrounding wetlands. They include boardwalks, encouraging bird life and other natural fauna, having educational signs about the trees and natural flora from the region. This would help educate local kids about the environment and how important it is to their future
  • Mrsk almost 2 years ago
    How wonderful if Kingscliff could maintain a beautiful village atmosphere. With farmland protected and not developed by commercial interests. With buildings maintaining height restrictions. With beaches where people can walk and not be bothered by unleashed dogs. Where council interests reflect the thoughts of local households. Where flight paths were restricted. Isn't that what people who move here come here for anyway?
  • William J almost 2 years ago
    Generally a great idea to set a strategic direction - we must protect the unique nature and feel of our village. Other thoughts on the KLP - i dont see a need to relocate the library - i use it every week and can always get a car spot, unlike going into the village proper; there is plenty of land around the library/health/Meals on Wheels/hospice area... surely some imaginative design can accommodate increased space for these services?
    The five-ways roundabout at Seaview, Pearl etc is in need of a serious resolution... an accident waiting to happen, with even more pressure from through traffic from Salt and southern reaches...
    Really applaud the new Ron Robertson Park on the foreshore - would be even more attractive if cars didnt line the approaches... underground/offsite parking should be considered. Maybe even a pedestrian mall?

    Increased thoughts to provision of tiny houses for seniors who wish to remain independant - with common use facilities. Also consideration to energy efficient power sources, water usage conservation and solar passive design features.
    We have a terrific resource in Cudgen Creek which must stay passive recreation - thought should be given to moving the boat ramp elsewhere from Faulks Park - there is increasing aggravation between boaties/jet skiers and other users of the creek so some separation would be worthwhile. This might even enhance the atractiveness of the creek with no rotting fish, skeletons etc in sight and proximity.

    More general comments - wetland management needs to be a priority and a focus to prevent flooding etc
    Lowrise height limits fully support. You can go north if you want to live in highrise.
    Perhaps further consideration for upgrades to foreshore park along Marine Pde - allowing for mobility scooters together with bike and skateboard pathways but with an enhanced planting of vegetation to buffer these. maybe consider more ecologically aware plantings - not high maintenance grass but native ground covers which are xeriscape based (dont need extra water)
    Hospital should go to Kings Forest or Tweed not on State Significant Farmland and not so close to productive farms, schools, or tourist areas.
  • Stuart21 almost 2 years ago
    Reading these comments it seems that the most common concern is traffic / parking / keeping Kingscliff free of traffic lights etc etc.
    i.e., transport.
    '' presents the case for reopening the Murwillumbah to Casino Line with hourly battery powered RailMotors, then extending to Coolangatta Airport to meet GC Trains. The extended line would have a station at Chinderah; electric local buses would circle Kingscliff regularly. Smart apps would advise you of a bus arriving. This would allow many in the area to live @ zero or nearly zero CO2 - much less traffic, freeing up parking spaces, getting the traffic moving. Other buses would connect up and down the coast, meeting the NR Line again at Mullumbimby. Zero CO2, and 'Relaxing by Rail' from Kingscliff to Brisbane, Sydney, & Australia!
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    • Stuart21 almost 2 years ago
      "extending to Coolangatta Airport to meet GC Trains" at Twin Towns Transit Centre, adjacent OOL-
  • barney almost 2 years ago
    I moved from the Southern Gold Coast area several years ago after watching the Gold Coast over some 30 years deteriorate to what it is today.
    Kingscliff offers its residents and tourists alike a very unique way of life with the emphasis being on a healthy lifestyle and to retain a village feel surrounded by some of the best landscape and beaches nature has on offer which has been the overriding sentiment reflected in this discussion.
    Should this be lost to poor planning and greed, it is gone forever with no going back.
    Keep it unique, that is the appeal.
  • JudyScharf almost 2 years ago
    AirBnB is mentioned as a type of tourism however, that is the only mention.
    It should be restricted to approved areas only. I would be very angry if it was allowed to proliferate in our family residential areas. There has been so much bad press about the impact of AirBnBs on neighbours.
    I would like to see it addressed in the plans.
  • JudyScharf almost 2 years ago
    Having great plans in place does not work well if council does not uphold them. Section 2.10 of Kingscliff Development Control Plan VOLUME THREE (EXHIBITION DRAFT) (6.9 MB) (pdf) is about Solar Orientation of blocks and is good stuff but dwellings should also take advantage of orientation. We found the guidelines on council web for residence placement when planning our house yet everywhere the vast majority of new homes take no account of guidelines. What's the point if any old house plonked on a block (especially with the garage getting the north sun) gets approved with no pushback. The fancy architect designed houses are just as bad. The certifiers aren't doing a very good job, they appear to let just about anything through.
  • Cate almost 2 years ago
    Kingscliff is popular because it is NOT a high rise hell - the tourists are very welcome but this is a place that locals enjoy because it has not got to the 'anything goes if it brings in money' stage yet - my passionate hope is that this status is respected and Kingscliff is kept as the locals like it.
  • Janette almost 2 years ago
    I would like to see marine parade converted to a pedestrian only area from turnock st to pearl st. All those cars parked in front of the restaurants there make it feel cramped and metallic. The beautiful new park would be enhanced by a lack of cars too. And there needs to be car parking increased in the kingscliff village shopping centre (high rise?) to accommodate visitors to marine parade.
    Then the moss st marine parade pearl st carriage way should be ONE WAY ONLY.
  • angieterry almost 2 years ago
    ensuring that all developments are subjected to rigorous evaluation and that approval is based on the benefit to community rather than to a select few developers.
    protection of as much of the natural environment at possible.
    medium density housing with well planned green-spaces.
    very important - retention of the State Significant farmland status on land that is vital to the future generations being able to grow food.
  • Mihaela Soar almost 2 years ago
    Maintaining the village atmosphere. Sustainable development. Not allowing high rise buildings who in the end will ruin the tourism. Not building the hospital at Cudgen.
  • Lazz almost 2 years ago
    Im reminded every time a house is sold on Marine parade back to Lorien Way and so forth that Unit buildings replace houses. This trend is bringing more people and vehicle congestion plus strain on infrastructure sewerage etc. Vehicles must squeeze past parked vans cars etc and even the bus drivers have a reason to be on high alert negotiating around these streets. It is a shame Kingscliff would resemble Gold Coast in miniature especially with this new planning structure of more medium density behind Lorien and Elrond Streets, what with the Hospital which is planned in the wrong position as well! One will have to name this village now metropolis town Congestionville.
  • TLRocket almost 2 years ago
    I like the plan, just 3 comments;
    - the present "car-centric" design of Kingscliff is terrible. I think every cafe and restaurant initially overlooks the road and car park (other than the surf club). So car parking is better positioned than the interests of people.
    - something needs to be done to stop the river between the bridge and the groyne (south side) from being loved to death. Sensational location but somewhat degraded.
    - the dunal vegetation along Kingscliff is getting very narrow. It's only a matter of time until greedy people get back to destroying it to get a view of the ocean. The park is mostly unused, so an additional 10m of revegetation would be magnificent and really wouldn't limit the potential use of the park (actually save on mowing cost).
  • grunta almost 2 years ago
    Ensuring the new hospital is constructed on the current approved site at Cudgen. Removal of the height restrictions and allowing for maximum five story buildings. Loving the upgraded parks and facilities.
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    • isabel almost 2 years ago
      I feel like only someone with a financial interest would make (or support) these statements
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      • grunta almost 2 years ago
        No financial interest at all. I think only a NIMBY would make a comment like yours. If Australia is to provide compassionate entry to the worlds immagrants they will have to live somewhere Isabel. Let’s share our beautiful Shire with all others. After all we took it from the original owners so why hog it to ourselves.
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        • Jill Kinneally almost 2 years ago
          I am Not as you put it a NIMBY Gunta & find your statement offensive. I want to save our farmland. A hospital is needed .. just not on Stat Significant Farmland, this would destroy everything about Kingscliff, Tweed Coast
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          • grunta almost 2 years ago
            How do you know what will be destroyed? Can you see the future ?
        • jeaylove almost 2 years ago
          Thankfully grunta, you seem to be in a minority. Strongly disagree your comment. There's plenty more of Australia that has already lost the natural beauty and village life style that many want to retain.
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          • grunta almost 2 years ago
            Removed by moderator.
  • jeaylove almost 2 years ago
    Important for me is the the character of Kingscliff remains. That is it unhurried life style, with no traffic lights, minimum concrete and a health the natural environment (e.g. minimum cement and bricks in green areas; let the parks and environment areas reflect nature not urban living)

    "Think of future generations" they say. I believe future generations will value a place with real village atmosphere and minimum built-up environment, areas like this are sort after yet are reducing along the coast (compare Byron Bay to 30 years ago). Jobs can be 15 minutes away in commercial centres.
  • kaggy almost 2 years ago
    Kingscliff should not be just an extension of the Gold Coast. Everybody I talk to wants our beautiful Kingy to remain a destination in contrast to the busy, crowded, traffic choked, over developed areas to the north. High rises cause shadows and wind vortex problems.
    If we keep Kingy unique the rewards will follow.
    Our beautiful Cudgen Creek is a watersport gem along with our pristine beaches and iconic Wollumbin/Mt Warning views. There's nothing else like it in Australia.
    The red soil of Cudgen Plateau is irreplaceable as the local farmers now realise and having this food bowl at our doorstep is an asset of significant worth for our growing reputation as a foodie destination.
    We desperately need a regional hospital though, so lets make this happen asap!
  • ChrisE almost 2 years ago
    Kingscliff must evolve in a planned and measured way preserving nature and habitat, waterways and open spaces. Our town is unique and must develop to be inclusive and vibrant whilst protecting our natural environment. Our link to farmland is essential and must be maintained.
  • harold almost 2 years ago
    Improving amenities is fine but leave the charector of kingscliffe alone. The hospital will be enough commercial or public development, kingscliffe needs to maintain it small seaside villiage charm
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    • Jill Kinneally almost 2 years ago
      If this Hospital goes ahead it will destroy Kingscliff & our area will be open up to over development
  • isabel almost 2 years ago
    Introducing more and denser housing is nuts. There are already traffics problems, the schools are at capacity, the car parks are always full... Why does Kingscliff have to grow? There are plenty of other like cations in tweed with room for growth.
    The hospital will ruin the village feel - we just don't have the space or infrastructure to cope. Put it somewhere closer to the highway please
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    • Jill Kinneally almost 2 years ago
      I 100% agree this will destroy Kingscliff
  • ChrisE almost 2 years ago
    Important that Kingscliff retain it's low rise village feel with it's calming and relaxed feel. We hear visitors to the town from the Gold Coast, emphasise that it's the reason they love coming here.Traffic congestion is already an issue so the imposition of a regional hospital spells the death of everything we love and treasure.
  • Jill Kinneally almost 2 years ago
    I have lived here all my life I want the 3 storey high limit. I want to keep our village atmosphere.
    I want to see Cudgen State Significant Farmland kept for the next generation. Save our farmland
  • KR almost 2 years ago
    i would like to keep the relaxed holiday feel of the town that locals and tourists flock to see. Like to keep the farming industry surrounding our town, keeps our area beautiful, the red soils are an asset to our region that are precious. No hospital on the main entrance to our town. It is too big a development to be plonked there, it will need more land in the future for medical precinct, private hospitals etc, will take over our town. Need to build the hospital at one of the zoned areas for development, either Chinderah site or Kings Forest. then we can have both State Significant Farmland and the State Significant Development. We need to have a balance! Let's not make Kingscliff another horrible sprawl of development as has happened to Tweed Heads region.
  • PaTin almost 2 years ago
    Kingscliff should retain a village feel and the residential population capped as much as possible at 12,000. Resist the direction of the State 2036 Northern Rivers development plan which calls for more housing development in Kingscliff. I understand that Kingscliff is no longer a village according to population numbers but before long it will no longer be a town but a city. It should not be presumed that expansion is justified just because there are substantial potential green field development opportunities (primarily on flood prone land). Rather direct future population/business growth to slightly more inland areas like Kings Forest.
  • Alice almost 2 years ago
    A reduction in current height limits will reduce green space, not protect our foreshore and add to urban sprawl. The original plan at the shopfront was well considered and protecting the foreshore and ‘village’ feel of Kingscliff.
  • Alice almost 2 years ago
    The original shopfront plan was well thought out and sensible. Restricting height limits to 3 stories along the beach and moving to 4 stories near Woolworths and 5 stories behind Woolworths. This allowed for future growth whilst protecting the coast. Restrictions to 3 stories for the entire area is short sighted and eventually will harm the foreshore with things like ultra small blocks having to be used. Stick with the ORIGINAL plan displayed at the shopfront.
  • Budrick almost 2 years ago
    1. Keeping current height restrictions - NOT lowering it! 2. SUPPORT for the new Tweed Valley hospital 3. Setting up future development of Kingscliff for a growing elderly at home and special needs residential and tourist population. For example accessibility of all Kingscliff facilities (all bus stops to have signs, undercover parking bays for elderly electronic scooters at the supermarket, wheelchair access to cafes, parks and shops, etc., greater ways for the elderly/special needs to access the water - either the beach or the creek) 4. Accessible dedicated bike paths throughout Kingscliff (and not just a painted line on the road, separating the road and the footpath). For example there is no safe way to cycle to Tropical Fruit World that does not involve going onto the road.
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    • chinderah motel almost 2 years ago
      Sorry to see proposed height limits reduced . The elderly are not going to find 3 storey walk ups any good at all and as for affordability that has been completely wiped out.Urban sprawl is no good to anyone and is definately unsustainable.Kevin
  • Gaida Macs almost 2 years ago
    Really appreciate the low key village feel and support TSC in reduced height limits. Maintain and protect green space, creek and beach with protection of e-zones. Concerned about multi-storey car park being an eyesore and making traffic congestion worse along Pearl St.... Consideration of more underground car parking might resolve this?

    Hospital location threatens all of the good work by TSC and the community representatives - once a high rise industrial operation such as the proposed hospital is here - what hope of maintaining the tourism potential of our lovely village?

    Concerned about infill causing flooding and building on wetlands/drainage areas in West and North Kingscliff.
  • fieldy almost 2 years ago
    I am confused about the purpose. What good is the locality plan while the hospital and all its consequences loom over the town.
  • PK&BL almost 2 years ago
    The biggest thing everyone wants to avoid is the overdevelopment of the area. People moved here to enjoy the village atmosphere not available in many other areas. People also visit the area for this reason. If it is developed like the Gold Coast, it will no longer be an attraction to city people as an escape and our town will lose the business.
  • Casey almost 2 years ago
    I am concerned that the council and Government are trying to create Kingscliff as the new Hub/city for the local area without the available space and infrastructure! We already have a housing crisis and we already have major traffic and parking problems in Kingscliff and I can’t see how we can practically add in all the things council and the proposed hospital will increase! I hope the council can stay on the front foot with government hospital plans to be able to prepare our small town for the huge pressures the hospital will place on housing and roads and infrastructure.

    I like restricted building heights, cycling pathways, local wildlife preservation, off/on leash dog, beaches, preservation of the creek. Beautiful new park,local community feel, music events, great coffee and so much more!
  • Seaside village almost 2 years ago
    Keeping the village atmosphere relaxed friendly pristine beautiful
    - No more than 3 storey
    - Encouraging locals to walk and cycle (need to have cycle lane in front of bowls club)
    - Skate park for the young
    - Better traffic management (salt casuarina traffic going through kingscliff is nuts)
    - Oppose propose location Kingscliff hospital
    -NOT filling any more flood liable land as it only makes it worse
  • ray_chap almost 2 years ago
    Very good
  • KingyKing almost 2 years ago
    Preservation of the local character of Kingscliff is of vital importance. This includes:
    - Restricting/reducing building heights on the foreshore
    - Fighting to keep Cudgen Creek clean, accessible, and most importantly, environmentally protected
    - Developing in environmentally sound ways, including retaining and increasing green space and recreational areas as the population continues to expand. Higher-density housing is an eventuality - ensuring this proceeds in appropriate ways.
    - Advancing infrastructure and street-scaping to keep local businesses thriving and keep pedestrians and cyclists protected.
    - Retention of vegetation in coastal dune areas.
    - Retention of the rural-meets-coastal culture by retaining nearby farmland where possible.
    - Expand education on the historical and cultural significance of the area.

    Not overly concerned about increasing tourism - let the tourists have the Gold Coast...

    Looking forward to seeing how this progresses!

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    • owenjo almost 2 years ago
      cudgen creek has been sand dredged heaps,so a lot of sediment and dirt etc has been exposed as you surely know about,so the council will probably dredge again ,is this environmentally sound ?
  • Budrick almost 2 years ago
    Removed by moderator.
  • Robyn Holland almost 2 years ago
    Retaining the height restriction and keeping it unique from the Gold Coast. Keeping Cudgen Creek clean and accessible to everyone. Protecting the beach from erosion. The reason people visit it so much is because of its unique village feel. It needs to retain this sense of place.
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    • Popeye almost 2 years ago
      I agree that we don’t want Kingscliff to become another Gold Coast high-rise town BUT development of specific sites, such as the outdated shopping centre, should not be restricted by a fixed policy. Council should judge every application on it’s merits.
  • Popeye almost 2 years ago
    The two main issues are:
    1. A sensible approach to future development without ‘carte blanch’ policies, such as the three story limit. Eg; encourage the furure development of the outdated Pearl St shopping centre by allowing a multi story development including more public parking. A five or six story development there will have little impact on any surrounding public or private properties because of the topography of the site.
    2. More public parking! The new parklands on the foreshore will not encourage extra visitors if they cannot park. Local business are suffering because through trade is limited.
  • Kane almost 2 years ago
    It’s important that we protect the coastal village feel of Kingscliff. We need to invest in protecting the beaches and creeks.