Roads, road safety, parking and noise reduction

6 months ago
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Example feedback from 'Future of Chinderah' Community Conversations

"Safety of pedestrians and traffic on the corner of Chinderah Bay Drive and Chinderah Road as the traffic situation is very bad."

"Road Management - Roundabout and speed bumps in front of Cubby. Curb guttering along Chinderah Bay Drive (near Shell servo). "

"Less heavy vehicle traffic at early hours of the morning from quarry and waste service."

"Keep large vehicles off Chinderah Bay Drive. They reduce tourism and village amenity."

"Reduce raceway traffic - Phillip Street and Chinderah Bay Drive are dangerous - people drive too fast, too noisily. More speed bumps, roundabouts."

"Noise alleviation all along the bypass route from ski lodge to Chinderah Road overpass."

"Parking improvements around Cubby House café."

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  • Keryn 10 months ago
    Footpath along Chinderah Road as residents in back streets and along Chinderah Road walk to riverfront. We have noticed pedestrians utilizing the stormwater drain with their walkers. Also there is no shoulder on Chinderah Road. Some pedestrians utilize the road side to walk along particularly younger persons coming back from the pub. Trucks travel along Chinderah Road over 50km/hr coming off the highway.
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    • Kaye Cooper 9 months ago
      A footpath along Terrace Street is also needed as we have to push the wheel chair for our disabled niece on the road to get to bus stops etc