Maintain village feel

6 months ago
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Example feedback from 'Future of Chinderah Community Conversation

"Village feel in town centre - Small business, parks, cafes."

"Keep village environment - no high rise or marinas."

"Keep village atmosphere. No high rise. Not an extension of Kingscliff. Shops and businesses relatable to village feel."

"Village feel - building height to 2 storeys, limited development, residential not commercial emphasis."

"Village feel. Diversity of business and residential where they feed off each other. Industrial land to only be positioned South and East of M1."

"Village feel. Ensure that the community retains the village feel by allowing/modernising but do not over-commercialise the area. *Do not allow housing estates/highrises"

"Keep the village atmosphere and residential focus and NOT allow extensive commercial development and late night noise. Keep Chinderah for the locals!"

"Modernisation of Chinderah without over-development."

"Keep Chinderah a village. Low density housing, keep our green spaces."

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  • Brian.A 7 months ago
    As it is a residential area, with a heap of Elderly Residents and visitors Why is there so few seats available.
    The Bollards separating traffic from human areas can be easily made for dual/multi purpose: as Bollards and as individual seats with wider posts used, or using as now and put a plank across two or more bollards.

  • Kaye Cooper 9 months ago
    Chinderah should maintain village lifestyle. Future foreshore buildings to provide amenities for residents like post office/ news agency, chemist, take away shop etc should be in a style that echoes Chinderah's historic roots.
    Reduce noise- no supermarket semi's in the village. This is mostly a residential area and should be respected as such especially at night.
    Keep the laneway behind the Terrace St houses- (the historic night soil laneway).
    Maintain low key atmosphere and infrastructure.
    Keep and maintain green areas in the village. No over development in the small village area behind the foreshore/ street face.