Flooding and drainage

6 months ago
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Example feedback from 'Future of Chinderah' Community Conversations

"Flood mitigation rock wall along river."

"Resolve flooding issues especially when considering new developments - not making the problem worse."

"Stop the filling of the floodplain surrounding Chinderah. Increasing levels of land forces water to where it shouldn't be. Major flooding events are expected. Minor flooding is becoming worse."

"Drainage - higher Tweed Bank, deep drainage for increased rainfall and cyclones."

"Appropriate land development uses to deal with flood and drainage. Foreshore development to help mitigate flood."

"All existing stormwater needs to be upgraded in Chinderah. All areas that flow into Chinderah need to stop being overdeveloped."

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  • Kaye Cooper 9 months ago
    This is the number one priority to avoid further devastation from floods. Insurance premiums to cover for floods and now also water run off is in excess of $11,000