Building condition

    Repairs have already taken place over the past few years. What else needs to be done?

    The repairs that have been undertaken over the past few years were made to keep the building operational for a couple more years. Those repairs did not fix the major problems that the building has.  As outlined in the Structural Engineer reports, the building will not be fit for purpose in the near future. 


    Will there be disabled access on the southern side?

    No. There is no disabled access on the southern side.  Disabled access to the VMR will be via the kiosk to connect to existing disabled parks situated in the northern carpark.

    Will there be security lights in the gardens?

    The public spaces, including gardens, will be lit with lights attached to the building walls. There will be no lighting fixtures in the landscaped gardens.

    Will the existing plaques and memorials be retained?


During construction

    Will the construction fencing remain in place during the normal construction industry shutdown over the Christmas New Year period?

    Yes and no. The worksite will be demobilised and the construction site opened as much as possible. That said, some construction fencing will need to remain in place in particular around the building. Construction fencing to protect any equipment and materials left on site will remain but it will be pulled back as much as possible in the carpark area to allow maximum car parking spaces to be used over the holiday period. 

    How will tourist buses be accommodated during construction?

    City of Gold Coast has discussed developing a management plan for tourist buses to the area. Additional considerations will need to be made during construction.

Kiosk and gallery

    Will tenders be called to find an operator for the kiosk?

    Yes. An operator for the kiosk will be found via an open tender process. The tender process may be a two-staged process, with Expressions of Interest called to establish a shortlist of preferred tenders to then go into the competitive tender process.

    Is the kiosk / café going to be competing with D’bar Café?

    Yes and no. The kiosk will operate from 6am - 8pm daily. These limited night hours will minimise the impact of the dinner trade at D'bah Cafe.

    What is the Gallery going to display?

    The gallery will contain storyboards / prints on the walls detailing Aboriginal heritage, marine history and European heritage.  The indigenous artwork content will be produced by Bundjalung/ Yugambeh artist Christine Slabb from Fingal. For marine history, the VMR will be consulted. 

Marine Rescue considerations

    How is VMR going to watch the bar from its relocation to Duranbah Beach during construction?

    Cameras will be installed to allow the VMR to continue to watch the bar.

    Is the VMR getting more floor space?

    About the same floor space, however, the new office space able to be legally occupied will be substantially larger.  Currently storage spaces are being used for office space (but under the lease agreement this is not allowable).

    The existing Volunteer Marine Rescue gift shop is an important fundraiser for this service. Is this fundraising opportunity going to be lost?

    It will be a condition in the Lease Contract on the new kiosk / gallery that the successful tenderer stock and sell VMR fund-raising products. 

    What about the wishing well? Will it be reinstated as it is a big fundraiser for VMR?

    The existing wishing well feature has issues and is covered with reinforced mesh to stop theft. The proposed design incorporates a planted water feature and new wishing well with a more secure collection well, which can be emptied and be more easily maintained by VMR staff.


    During the whale-watching season there can be as many as 5000 people a day visiting Point Danger. Have you thought of introducing timed-parking in this area?

    This is something Council’s Traffic Unit can look into.