30 November 2020

PRG Meeting 19 (final meeting)

02 November 2020

PRG Meeting 18 - Workshop 2 November 2020

Meeting 18 to be held as a full day workshop.

15 October 2020

PRG Meeting 17 - 15 October 2020 (online)

13 October 2020

PRG Meeting 16 - 13 October 2020 (online)

February → May 2020

Review Water Supply Augmentation - Hydrology and Risk Consulting Pty Ltd (HARC)

HARC will look at available groundwater supplies, alternate water sources and alternative storages, the use of recycled water and desalination options to confirm and / or complement the raising of the wall of Clarrie Hall Dam.
February → May 2020

Review Demand Management by Hydrosphere Consulting Pty Ltd

Hydrosphere Consulting Pty Ltd to look at the effectiveness of incentive programs, such as rewards and rebates; intervention programs, such as fixing of leaks on properties; education programs; pressure management; water reuse; smart metering; pricing; use of bore water in lieu of potable water; storm water harvesting; rain water harvesting; water sensitive urban design; and, any other measures that may help reduce the demand for water in the Tweed.
March → May 2020

Drought Water Restrictions Policy Review

Wide-ranging review of the policy based on lessons from the implementation of Water Restrictions 2019/2020.
07 March 2019

Council resolutions

Council resolutions to endorse the Project Reference Group membership and Water Strategies Review methodology.