1. Why is Council replacing Anthonys Bridge?

    Anthonys Bridge is listed as the top priority on Council's bridge replacement program.  Routine bridge inspections have shown that this bridge has deteriorated rapidly in recent years and it now requires significant work to keep it operational.  The most cost-effective, long-term solution is to replace the bridge with a new, concrete one. 

    2. How much will the project cost?

    Replacement of Anthonys Bridge is listed as Item CP2.4.3.53 of Council's Delivery Program 2013/2017 and has been allocated funding of $1,552,000 ($776,000 in 2013/2014; $776,000 in 2014/2015).

    A detailed cost estimate cannot be completed until after the design has been finalised.

    3. How much will the side track option cost?

    Options for providing a side track and temporary bridge at Anthonys Bridge have been investigated at a concept level and a number of problems were found. 

    To overcome these problems and provide a side track would cost $310,000 minimum. 

    The majority of this additional cost is the volume of rock fill that is required to support a temporary bridge at this location due to the height and depth of Dunbible Creek. 

    A temporary side track and bridge is beyond the funding that is currently proposed for the project.

    4. Why is Council's preferred option to temporarily close part of the road?

    Investigations by Council engineers have identified that the site of Anthonys Bridge is not conducive for a side track and temporary bridge during construction of the replacement bridge, due to a combination of flood effects and ground conditions at the site.

    The road reserve at this location is not wide enough to accommodate a side track and temporary bridge.  Council would need to negotiate with adjacent land owners to access and use private property for the side track.

    Site constraints would also mean that providing access through the worksite would cause significantly higher environmental impact than is otherwise necessary. 

    Additional heavy vehicle movements generated by the construction of a temporary bridge are estimated to cause 35 per cent more damage to the road network than the alternative option of temporarily closing the road.

    Furthermore, it is not possible to provide a sidetrack with the funding that is currently proposed. 

    A detailed, comparative analysis of the two options shows that temporary closure of the road will save the community approximately $165,000.

    5. If a decision is made to close Mistral Road, how long will the road be closed?

    It is estimated that a temporary road closure of 17 weeks will be required to facilitate construction of the replacement bridge.

    6. If Mistral Road is closed, what are the proposed alternative access routes?

    Alternative access routes will go through Stokers Siding and Bakers Road.  Please refer to the maps provided, for further details. 

    7. The proposed alternative routes go through Stokers Siding and Bakers Road. Can these roads handle the additional traffic load?

    It is estimated that the rerouting of vehicles that would otherwise use Mistral Road, will result in an additional 500 vehicles per day through both Stokers Siding and Bakers Road.

    Although these are not optimal roads to handle the additional traffic, the vast majority of this traffic will be light vehicles and the roads are suitable for this, given the relatively short timeframe.