18 December 2019

EIS consultant on-boarded

Consultant Eco Logical Australia Pty Ltd begins work to prepare the Environmental Impact Statement for the raising of the dam.
September 2020

Private property acquisition negotiations ongoing

Private property acquisition negotiations continuing. Still four properties or part-properties to be acquired.Twelve properties or part-properties already purchased.
February 2021

EIS draft completed

March 2021

EIS on public exhibition and submission period

April → July 2021

Response to EIS Submissions Report

July → August 2021

Determination of EIS

Ministerial approval of whether the project can proceed and any conditions or project termination.
September → December 2021

Detailed Design and Construction business case planning and approvals

This includes preparation of a Business Case for Detailed Design and Construction.

January → December 2022

Detailed design

January → March 2023

Design Review

March → June 2023

Final approvals

Final approvals, including Section 60 approval from Dept of Planning Industry and Environment (Water)
July → October 2023

Construction tender and contract preparation

December 2023 → January 2026