Council to open properties purchased for cattle agistment

17 July, 2018

17 July 2018

Council will call for Request(s) for Offer to agist three properties Council has purchased for the raising of Clarrie Hall Dam, namely:

• 511 Doon Doon Road, approximately 50ha

• 426 Commissioners Creek Road, approximately 101ha, and

• 701 Doon Doon Road (currently under contract to be sold to Council), approximately 74ha.

The properties are being offered for cattle agistment either separately or as a whole for a period of two years, with any option to extend being solely at the discretion of Council. It is intended that the agistment will end prior to the start of construction to raise the wall of the dam.

The terms of agistment will be set out in the Request for Offer documents.

Prior to signing any agreement with the successful bidder, Council will complete a Conditions Report of the property/s and this will form the basis of the agreed condition the property is to be kept in.

The Request for Offer will be advertised in the Tweed Link shortly.

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