Purpose of a Locality Plan

    What will the locality Plan do?

    Over time, the appearance of buildings within the existing Chinderah township have the potential to change as older buildings are replaced with more modern structures. Land that is currently capable of being subdivided or supporting dual occupancy or medium density housing types may also become available for redevelopment.

    Whilst Council can not regulate how many older smaller houses are demolished or how many new buildings are constructed, a Locality Plan can guide land owners and developers towards recognising Chinderah's unique character and incorporate measures to protect, retain or enhance that character with each new build. 

    Is the Locality Plan a legal planning document?

    The locality plan does not have statutory (legal) weight.

    It does, however, sit within a hierarchy of strategic planning documents that provide the basis for either keeping or changing the development standards and controls within the Tweed Local Environmental Plan 2014 and the Tweed Development Control Plan 2008.

    What is a Local Environmental Plan (LEP)

    A Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is the main statutory (or legal) document that guides planning and development.

    All Councils have an LEP.

    The LEP controls what types of uses are permitted in certain areas by using ‘zones’ (e.g. residential, industrial, commercial or mixed use zones). It also has more detailed standards that regulate building height and minimum subdivision standards, development that is high risk (e.g. on land that floods, or is at risk of bushfire) or occurs on sensitive land (e.g. land with environmental or heritage significance).

    The LEP is made up of a written document and a set of maps that show which areas of the Shire are subject to different development standards, such as: zoning, maximum building heights, minimum subdivision lot sizes, maximum floor space ratios or flood design levels.

    LEPs are prepared by Councils but ultimately approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, under the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

    What is a Development Control Plan?

    A development control plan (DCP) is a Council document that sits under the LEP.

    It provides detailed planning and design guidance for particular development types or particular areas.

    It provides greater detail than the LEP and is prepared and approved by Council, in accordance with the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

    It is not a statutory (legal) document, however it is Council policy and is the main document that Council relies on in terms of providing specific development controls outside those provided by the LEP.

Community Consultation Process

    How will the community be involved?

    There will be multiple opportunities for the community to contribute their vision and desired future character for Chinderah.

    Refer to the Lifecycle above for more information.