Who conducted this survey?

    Micromex Research and Consulting has worked for over 90 LGAs in the last 10 years and conducted over 70 community satisfaction surveys since 2016. This experience has enabled Micromex to compare Tweed Shire Council results against Council Benchmarks (based on over 30,000 interviews). 

    Who was surveyed and how were they selected?

    402 residents from across 65 local suburbs in urban, coastal and rural areas of the Tweed were interviewed via telephone (79% ratepayer, 21% non-ratepayer). 

    The sample was weighted by age and gender to reflect the 2016 ABS Census data for the Tweed Shire.

    This sample size means that if the survey was replicated with 402 different residents, 19 times out of 20 we would expect to see the same results, i.e. +/- 4.9%.

    363 of the 402 respondents were selected by means of a computer based random selection process using the electronic White Pages and SamplePages.

    The remaining 39 respondents were ‘number harvested’ via face-to-face intercept at a number of areas around the Tweed Shire Local Government Area, i.e. Tweed City Shopping Centre, Sunnyside Shopping Centre Murwillumbah, Arkinstall Park/Sporting complexes, Kingscliff Shopping Village and Pottsville IGA.

    How do these results compare with other Local Government Areas?

    Research consultant, Micromex has rated Tweed Shire Council as an above average performer.

    87% Tweed residents surveyed were satisfied with overall performance of Council over the last 12 months, with nine per cent very satisfied, 43 per cent satisfied and 35 per cent somewhat satisfied. This is compared with a regional benchmark of 83%.

    97% of Tweed residents rate their quality of life living in the area as good to excellent compared with regional benchmark 95%. The biggest difference was that 13% more people rated their quality of life as excellent in the Tweed than the regional benchmark.

    Specifically, on the three priority areas:

    -  Satisfaction with the overall condition of the local sealed road network was 11% above benchmark 69% vs 58%

    Planning and Development
    -  Satisfaction with long term planning for the Tweed on par with regional benchmark  (TSC 72% vs 70%)
    -  Satisfaction with managing development is on par with regional benchmark (TSC 69% vs 68%)

    Adequate resources and facilities (including sufficient water) to cater for population growth.
    -  Satisfaction with long term planning for the Tweed on par with regional benchmark (TSC 72% vs 70%)
    -  Satisfaction with water supply and service is 8% above regional benchmark (TSC 93% vs 85%)
    -  Satisfaction with wastewater and sewerage services slightly above regional benchmark (TSC 95% vs 91%)
    -  Satisfaction with stormwater drainage is 8% above regional benchmark (TSC 85% vs 77%)

    What were the areas of Council that residents were the least satisfied with?

    ·  Maintaining local roads and the overall condition of the local sealed road network

    ·  Council decision making reflects community opinion

    ·  Managing development and the Development Assessment process

    What were the areas of Council that residents were the most satisfied with?

    ·  Aquatic Centres, Art Gallery and Library Services

    ·  Water supply, wastewater and sewerage services

    What were the areas of Council that residents thought were most important?

    ·  Long term planning for the Tweed

    ·  Maintaining local roads and road safety

    ·  Local emergency management

    ·  Supporting local jobs and businesses

    What will Council do with these results?

    ·  In early 2020, Micromex will re-contact respondents to further understand context about the priority areas identified in the research, and identify potential actions.

    ·  It is anticipated that proposed actions to improve the key areas identified in the research will be presented to Council in mid-2020.

    When will the community have another opportunity to provide feedback?

    ·  Tweed Shire Council welcomes feedback to continue to improve its programs and services.

    ·  The community is always invited to call or drop by our contact centre to share their feedback, whether it be a complaint or a compliment.

    ·  Many Council services have their own Customer Satisfaction Surveys available at their facilities such as the Tweed Regional Aquatic Centres, the Tweed Regional Gallery and Tweed Regional Museum.

    ·  The Be Our Best Resident Survey will be conducted again in 2021.